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Marketing for photographer

Marketing courses for a photographer

Everyone knows some famous photographers! And with this, you can not argue. After all, his glory extends not only due to high-quality images and good reviews but also due to active self-promotion. How to organize marketing and where to direct the main forces?

Marketing courses for a photographer is a cycle of lessons aimed at studying the main areas of work of a specialist in the field of promoting his services to potential and existing clients, as well as developing reputation.

The program of the training course

  1. Development of own site.
  2. Rules of creation and management of social networks.
  3. Facebook, Instagram, Google – the main engines of advertising.
  4. How to create advertising. Advertising texts. Banners.
  5. Where to take the first clients. Creative shooting.
  6. Setting and launching advertising.

I’m, Yuri Makhotin, offering you to order training in my team. Together we will find your ideal niche to work with, reveal all your talents, discuss the necessity of own web-resource and managing social networks, and, what is the most important, study in detail your ideal client. The acquired knowledge is the foundation that helps to form and build the face of your business, increase income and get regular customers.

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