Photography for beginners

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Photography for beginners

Photography for beginners

Every great photographer was a newbie someday and should pass the beginners photography course.

As, unfortunately, the camera doesn’t have a “masterpiece” button, so beginners need to study all the photo rules and its high-quality processing. In order not to spend days and nights with books and guides, it is enough to enroll in courses for young photographers.

Training program

The course program consists of the following classes:

  1. The model range. Brief designations in the photography.
  2. Introduction to photographic equipment.
  3. Type and size of matrices.
  4. Functions, control buttons for the camera.
  5. Speed (ISO), shutter, aperture.
  6. Expositions. Autofocus. Diffraction. Distortion.
  7. Light: types of light, light sources.
  8. The perspective. Building a shot. Rules of shooting. The Golden Section.
  9. Additional light. Flashes.
  10. Coloring. Color Wheel.

The lessons of photography for beginners and their advantages

  1. The program has some stages, it is completely structured, therefore it is easy to perceive. The instructor personally tells and shows you everything, starting from the rules of handling the technique and ending with the secrets of creative editing.
  2. You are engaged in a group with like-minded people with whom you can communicate, discuss details and share experiences and secrets.
  3. Special practical tasks allow you to control the level of development of the program. Creative homework shows, first of all, how well you have learned the composition rules you have traversed, and where your weak spots are, which once again is worth working out.

The additional motivation for training can be considered the sum of payment granted beforehand.

Which school to choose?

For a beginner in the photo industry, the diversity of schools presents certain difficulties. In order that you do not waste your money or time, I will give a few facts that need to be taken into account when choosing where to pass the photography basics for beginners.

First, look at how the training goes, read customer testimonials and decide for yourself whether this statement suits you or not.

Secondly, pay attention to the duration and schedule of classes. A good school does not teach you everything in 1 day, but it will not be enough for months to train.

Third, avoid too cheap schools. If you are going to teach a real master of photography, he accurately values his own time and the cost of the courses will not equal the cost of yesterday’s open schools.

What will Yuri Makhotin teach you?

My main goal is to make a novice professional, self-sufficient photographer. Digital photography for beginners is a course that will teach a student:

  • To take interesting pictures for people and their loved ones;
  • Change the camera settings correctly, focusing on the shooting situation;
  • Set the correct exposure;
  • Competently use photography rules;
  • Independently use equipment and circuits of light.

The photography technique is a complex knowledge that a good photographer will be able to explain. Order a course of study and convert the knowledge into skills.

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