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Photoshop course

Photoshop course for beginners

If you have a desire to learn how to correctly work with images, do not lose your chance, sign up for the Photoshop course from Yuri Makhotin. The individual approach and the possibility of distance learning allow everyone to get acquainted with modern programs for creating and editing raw materials and learn how to work with them.

Training program

  1. Color spaces. Camera Raw.
  2. The order of photo processing.
  3. Tools of Photoshop. Tools for working with the skin. Transformation.
  4. Liquify tool.
  5. Frequency-separation procedure.
  6. The Curves. Color balance.
  7. Selective Color.
  8. Plugins. Actions.

What is a profit from the Photoshop online course?

The program dedicated to editing and creating images from the company “Adobe” is one of the simplest and understandable public resources. Specialists who have the skills to work in it are in demand by companies around the world. Thanks to this, Adobe Photoshop course is very popular.

For a newcomer to the profession, it is very important to gain basic and necessary knowledge of working with images as they form style of the master and allow to express a shot own view of beauty in details. So, learning courses for beginners a student gets explanation of how to process photos with a qualitative result which satisfy both the photographer and his customer.

The Photoshop training courses are useful not only to young photographers but also to amateurs who want to make their own photo (for social networks, for example) better or to learn new digital technologies.

A significant advantage is that the adobe photoshop training is conducted by a specialist with a great experience. Thus, the ability to get the necessary knowledge is available to anyone who wants from anywhere in the world.

A beautiful photo is a powerful tool that will help you to make your own name.

3 reasons to place an order for Photoshop training in my school:

  • I will teach you how to use knowledge correctly and give you the opportunity to stand out against the general background of low-quality persons.
  • You save a lot of time to find the right information, everything you need to know is included in the lessons.
  • With practical creative work, you will see the effectiveness of knowledge.

Do not lose your opportunity to become a real professional photographer and stay in the trend of the fashion industry!


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