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Wedding photography courses

Wedding photography courses online

Wedding photography courses are a series of classes that will help a novice photographer understand the nuances of this independent, dynamic genre. They can include two main areas: details of the classic photo shoot and reportage shooting. The greater plus is that you may learn to do all these things just with training courses on the Internet.

The program of the training course

  1. Meeting with the newlyweds. Rules of communication.
  2. Discussion of the wedding day. Timing.
  3. Morning of a bride. Morning of a groom.
  4. Walking. Wedding photo session. Selection of locations.
  5. The wedding ceremony in a church and Civil Registry Office.
  6. How to make original photos, if the couple is not artistic.
  7. Banket part.
  8. Required photos, which should be on wedding shooting.
  9. Editing wedding photos. Photobooks. Return of the ready photos.

What do you need the lessons for a wedding photography?

Just having a camera in your hands is not enough to get quality, juicy pictures of the most important day in the life of the newlyweds. The photographer should be able to:

  1. Organize the process (especially the technical part: camera, light, camera angle, etc.).
  2. Create a positive atmosphere and good mood of newly married, their guests. Tell about the correct posing in front of the camera.
  3. To fix emotions and the main moments of the wedding day.
  4. Quality edit the photos.

The wedding photography training will help the beginning specialist to elaborate the basic rules of good work, the results of which will satisfy the most demanding client.

3 reasons to order a course from Yuri Makhotin:

  1. Huge experience, which the professional is ready to share.
  2. The ability to learn without personal presence (online).
  3. Practical refinement of acquired knowledge.

After the end of the classes, you will see for yourself how much your technique has grown and the quality of the images has improved.

You can make an order wedding photography lessons through the online form.

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