about Yurij

Photography is a way to show a person from the completely another side. I put a part of my soul into every picture. Therefore, for me is not just a hobby. This is a style of my life. Each photo is a special responsibility because all people are different and you need to catch their uniqueness, to show the things they have never noticed. That's why all my customers are so happy.

I say "no" to similarity. I completely deny boring expositions, your personality is what I'm willing to catch! My task is to make sure that important moments in your life always remain with you in the album.

Is the most important day in your life coming, and you have not chosen a wedding photographer? Are you dreaming of a bright and unforgettable portrait? Are you starting a new business and planning an advertising campaign? Are you crazy about the career of a top model or are you just looking for your own look? For the first time in your life, you have decided to take photos? - I will solve any of these problems.

About me

Photographer Yuri Makhotin

A photographer is a specialist whose hands create unique shots. So, he doesn’t believe that quality, impressive images can be created with the help of a smartphone, but with the help of serious professional equipment.

Do you want to have an admirable profile in social networks that attracts at first sight? Do you want to create a personal portfolio with good pictures? Then you need to hire professional photographer. It will allow you to emphasize your advantages and hide flaws. Having a huge experience and cooperating with other beauty industry experts, this artist creates an impeccable image that will forever be preserved in unmatched shots.

When is photographer needed?

The quality photoshoot helps you:

  • to capture the wedding ceremony;
  • create your own Love story;
  • reflect your mood in a personal photo session;
  • to realize fantasies in beauty and fashion images.

If you want to get the first-class good pictures that accurately reproduce all the emotions and important moments of your life whether it’s a photo session outdoor or you desire to have an indoor photo session you a help of a competent person.

The main task of a specialist is to provoke your smile, looking at the pictures in a year, two, ten twenty … Would you agree that special moments depicted with enormous expression have no price?

Where to find a really good photographer?

If you have a holiday and you still have not found the expert then we offer you to get acquainted with the real maestro of photography. Yuri Makhotin is a worldwide known artist from Ukraine with years of experience. His sophisticated sense of beauty brings into being the real masterpieces. He is always focused on the client wishes and gets an excellent result, so without any issues, he will select the necessary lighting, pose, background and will reflect the main meaning and idea of your image.

On the photographer’s website, each client can take a look at the portfolio of Yuri, the types and cost of the services provided by him.