How much does a professional photo shoot cost?


Сколько стоит профессиональная фотосессия?

To the great surprise of many clients, my professional photo session in Kyiv is not paid by the hour. I explain – the shooting will last as long as it takes time to collect the required number of high-quality and original photos.

Think about how many photos can you do in one hour? The minimal quantity, and it is unlikely that  the client will be satisfied with this.

Shooting is a long process that starts with setting up the light. In addition, a non-professional model necessarily needs time to warm up. I call the first frames “warming up”. And only after some time begins a high-quality photo session: when the model already hears and understands what I want to see, and fulfills all my recommendations.

What happens when you pay by the hour? The first hour passes unnoticed: while we set up the light, while we found a common language, while we loosen up a bit, we just started to work normally, and that’s all – the paid time is up. And no one cares how successful the shots will be during this period, whether they meet the expectations and ideas. No one is to blame that you have been get into character for a long time. You will get what we managed to shoot in one hour. Well, it’s not the result you’ve expected for. Therefore, I have a completely different approach.

What answers can you get from me during the communication?

Offering clients a photo session, I always call a concrete cost for the result, without specifying the time intervals. I try to explain that we will shoot as much as is needed to get high-quality images, and how much it will last depends, first of all, on yourself.

I used to invest my soul in what I do, give myself to work, not wasting my strength and resources. Only in this way, in my opinion, it is possible to achieve bright or even exclusive shots, which are nice to review again and again. During the photo shoot, the master and the model are important to get used to each other, find a common language, feel the emotional component and adjust to the inner world.

Therefore, the duration of the photo session is usually 2 hours. It is the second hour that gives the best, bright and expected results, since the client has already “warmed up”, but has not yet tired.

Photoshoot duration

I want the customer to understand: the work can not be productive, you cannot get high-quality shots, if the photo session takes 30-40 minutes. What can be done in so much time? To earn money quickly, and to provide the client with mediocre, undistinguished pictures.

Do not forget that this approach is not profitable, first of all, to the customer. I understand well: for him a photo session is a real event. I want to appear in the best light to make the pictures, if not enchanting, then at least just beautiful.

Preparation for a photo shoot also requires a lot of effort and time from the client for fees, travel, hair, makeup. And here he, so prepared and beautiful, comes to the photographer, worries, does not even have time to really feel the pleasure, and that’s all … His time is up, the long-awaited event is over, before it starts … Now, wait a month for photos.

Choose which approach you like.

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