How should a wedding photographer look like?


Как должен выглядеть свадебный фотограф?

I want to share my opinion on how a photographer should look at a child, family or wedding photo shoot. At the beginning of my professional activity, it was important for me not to constrict movements with the clothes during the shooting. However, with the time my view of the wedding photographer in Kyiv look has changed significantly. Personal experience has led to the conviction that a professional should fully fit into the general atmosphere, even by appearance.

For example, at a very solemn social event, even a black elongated tailcoat with silk lapels and a top hat would be appropriate. Finding your style is very important not only in professional terms but also in clothes that can be your “trick”. Some bright accessory or costume element may add creativity to your image for the presentation of your imagination and extraordinary nature. But do not lose the sense of proportion, everything should be moderately and stylishly.

What does a wedding photographer need to have in his wardrobe?

A good photographer just needs to look decent. Therefore, shorts, sportswear, and slippers should be completely forgotten. For example, the doctor always accepts us inappropriate clothes – a white coat or a special medical suit, clean and tidy, sales assistants are dressed in uniforms. Although all of them would fee themselves more comfortable in flip flops and short pants, especially in the summer heat.

Personally, I always evaluate the appearance of a worker. It is important for me that the mechanic who repairs my car should be neatly dressed. Therefore, we must not forget that someone can also follow us and draw our own conclusions. And in order for the conclusions to be in our favor, you should think over your image to the smallest detail.

I began to pay a lot of attention to appearance, especially for wedding photo shoots. Beautiful, neat and even festive clothing allows you to be part of this festive event, even one of the actors. With my appearance, I show clients that I respect their triumph.

What you should pay attention primarily:

  • hairstyle (children, for example, react to bright images, and adults to the official and respectable style);
  • clothes (sometimes I choose a wardrobe under the general theme of the wedding, which helps to harmonize with the atmosphere);
  • shoes (rule number one – never take off your shoes and not show everyone the aesthetic condition of your feet).

To sell your services more expensively, you need to have an expensive appearance, because to a certain extent it’s our price tag. At a minimum, you should not look cheaper than your customers. You can declare in the created way about the money that you plan to earn as a wedding photographer.

Remember, even if you do not get into the frame, you are not invisible at the event. People see you and you should be part of this environment. If you want wealthy clients – create an image of a guest who is dressed no worse than invited. And maybe better.

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