How to pik a camera?


How to pik a camera?

For someone who wants to use a camera for personal purposes, a camera brand does not play an important role. If you want to disclose the functionalities of a reflex camera, it is important to understand the shooting process: how to set up light sensitivity by hand, exposure time and diaphragm. If you do not have these skills, buy a camera you like and suits your budget. In any case, your photo will be far from those you get used to seeing in fashion magazines and expensive photographers. A camera is only one of the links in the large link of making a professional photo. A light and a talent to see it are more essential for a good photo.

There is an opinion that a good photo does not need a processing. This is false. Since the moment of creation of photo, it was subject to various modifications. The earlier modifications included drawings and paintings, as well as drawings of frames and inscriptions, drawings of faces. As technologies developed, a modern photography is finished by using the photo editors on a computer.

Making a small conclusion, I would like to highlight if you are not interested in making photography professionally and making it as your source of income, and you are intended to use it for home purposes, just buy a camera that you like.  Do not listen to the advice of other people. Each camera if used automatically give the same result. The price of a camera does not matter. It may be $300 or $3000.

If you decided to buy a camera for advanced users or for making money, my personal advice is to buy Canon.

I have started from Olympus and had used it for a year. Then I used Nikon for 1.5 years. And then I bought Canon, and have been using it for 7 years. What do I like? The wide array of cameras and lenses, flashes, and accessories. And all these for reasonable money. I have tried other systems and faced different problems like limited choice of lenses or accessories or peculiarities of usage.

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