How to learn to photograph as a professional?


Как научиться фотографировать профессионально

Have you already purchased your first camera and are trying to figure out its settings? Attempts to make an interesting shot end in failure? Even the presence of expensive equipment cannot make your picture expressive, and the quality still leaves much to be desired? Listen to our advice, and maybe something will change for the better.

Each novice photographer must learn not only to properly set up the camera and shoot but also to think through the idea of composition before shooting. To make a snapshot interesting, you need to fill it with semantic content. Therefore, the photographer just needs to constantly develop a sense of style and exquisite taste.

Inexhaustible sources of inspiration for a beginner will be photo exhibitions and galleries, various master classes and webinars. An excellent opportunity to gain experience and learn something new can be the role of an assistant to a professional photographer. In addition, many professionals, as well as newbies, also have their own blogs, create websites or groups on social networks, where they share their experience with everyone who wants to learn the art of photography.

For example, in 2010-2011, a group of amateur photographers operated in the social network, bringing together 35,000 participants from different countries. Everyone was actively sharing their experiences and opinions. Those who want to get an assessment of their creativity placed their photographs in the album “I want critics.” And they got it: the evaluations were objective and uncompromising, sometimes even merciless. Not everyone stood the test, many felt completely incompetent, someone gave up and threw his passion. And someone, gritting his teeth, having worked on the mistakes, continued to go towards his goal. This group gave its participants exclusive information that cannot be gathered at the master class and cannot be found in textbooks. Over the years, the group has broken up, but many photographers have given an invaluable storehouse of knowledge and skills.

Tips and tricks

To create a good quality picture, you should first set up your camera. Below are a few tips on how to do this.

  1. It is important to correctly set the level of illumination of objects (ISO-sensitivity of the camera). In a dark room, set the level to 800, and in a well-lit room – 200. If you plan to shoot outside in cloudy weather, set the level to 400.
  2. Set the “White balance” function. Thanks to it, you can achieve the most natural color.
  3. The important role play the lens. It has a special hole called the diaphragm. Its purpose is to regulate the flow of light. You can take sharp or focused pictures with this feature.
  4. In order to freeze the frame or shoot in a poorly lit place, it is important to adjust the parameters of short or long exposure.
  5. Use the built-in flash only in daylight. When you try to use it indoors, get highlights and shadows in photos. Indoors use of artificial light is recommended.

If you follow all the rules, it is easy to learn how to take pictures professionally. But remember: in order to take beautiful pictures, you need not only to stick to the rules but also to play with imagination, to feel the camera, to put a piece of the soul into your work.

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