How to learn to retouch photos?


Как научиться ретушировать фотографии?

As you know, even from gray and inconspicuous, at first glance, photos, you can make a stunning frame thanks to photo processing skills. At the time of training people to properly shoot and retouch, I only share the information that has been verified and honed in practice. No abstract phrases and difficult ways. Only the most accessible and understandable. I do not use smoke and mirrors telling  that “everything is difficult” or “everything is easy.” I apply personally created unique methods. I share with you my secrets that other photographers don’t really want to tell. My main goal is to bring the material in such a way that the young masters will trust and follow my experience. Then the processing time of images will be reduced as much as possible. Personal time is best spent with family and friends.

How to learn to retouch photos: share my own secrets

There was a time when it took weeks for me to process wedding photos. One pair took about 10-15 days, and there were up to two dozen of those in the queue. I spent the day at the computer, and life passed by me. But this experience helped to get the knowledge that I can now share with you. Now I do not regret that I spent my personal time and money on learning color correction and retouching. For example, in 2014, I laid out $ 300 for a lesson in Moscow fashion photographer, which lasted 1.5 hours. Yes, it hit hard, because at that time the dollar had already jumped to 27 UAH, but it was worth it. He multiplied my knowledge by 5 and it was only one lesson!

A few months later I attended a master class from @dvoyakovs, which also bore fruit. If you are a young photographer who wants to become a professional, then you should definitely visit master class from Ilya and learn and understand the meaning of working with light.

Then, in 2015, I learned the method of treating the skin by frequency decomposition. I tell you, everything is much simpler than it seemed at first glance.

Now it takes me 3 days to process one wedding shoot, on average. But this, I think, is not so little, so I already ordered a new hour retouching lesson. There is a very beautiful skin tone, which I now spend as much as 5 minutes. I think that this is too much and there is much to strive for. I hope that new knowledge will reveal secrets and this process will take a few seconds.

All my creative ideas, new techniques, experiments on color correction, I sharpen on photography. This is necessary in order for the wedding shots to know exactly what color range and shades to apply, taking into account the conditions of the shooting itself.

It’s great if you can shoot well, but if you can also present a photo, it’s excellent! With the current capabilities of smartphones and the wide availability of professional photographic equipment, retouching courses will never be superfluous.

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