How to photograph a wedding?


Как фотографировать свадьбу?

The wedding happens even if more than once in life, then not every day for sure. Therefore, everyone wants to hold it so that it will be remembered for a lifetime. A high-quality and professional, bright extraordinary photos will help not to forget the sweet moments of the happiest day in the life of a young family. How to photograph a wedding so as to capture all the best moments of it, to convey the atmosphere and mood of the celebrations, to capture the most touching moments. Of course, not everyone can cope with this task. Especially it’s hard for beginners.

Tips for beginners: how to photograph a wedding?

Everyone starts with something. And in the life of every photographer, the first wedding photo session also happens. Let us try to form several important, in our opinion, tips for beginners, so that the wedding photo session in Kiev will go smoothly:

  1. First of all, overcome your fear. Get together and focus. Recall everything that might be useful: the basics of portrait photography, the peculiarities of working outdoors and indoors, the tricks of lighting, the basics of staged shots. Refresh your knowledge, consult with more experienced colleagues.
  2. Think carefully about the photo shoot script. To do this, you should talk with the young people themselves, with the host of the celebration, specify the number of guests. Discuss your main ideas with the heroes of the event, ask about their wishes.
  3. Recheck the equipment, battery charge, tripods, lighting fixtures (if necessary) several times. Any failures and malfunctions at such a moment are simply unforgivable.
  4. A wedding photo session usually begins with the bride, her preparations, makeup, hair, etc. Try to use the interior of her room, to recapture her character and personality. Take more pictures, do not hesitate, then select the best. At this stage, you should “adapt” to the bride, catch her image, understand how and from what angle it is better to shoot her.
  5. IMPORTANT! One of the most difficult moments in a wedding photo shoot for an inexperienced photographer: the white wedding dress. Due to improper exposure, it can in the pictures turn into a solid white pile, without details and decorations, or vice versa – into a gray unsightly rag. You have to catch the moment when the light and dark elements of the subject fall within the tonal range of your equipment.
  6. Shooting young people for a walk is the most interesting part of the job. Try to use the place chosen by the newlyweds at maximum, involve their friends in the frame. Help them relax, let them be creative, have fun. You will need only to slightly push them to the desired angle, toss up ideas, and then they will do everything themselves, you will only have to shoot. Be careful, watch the sun glare, use the landscape and everything that surrounds you. These frames should be as natural as possible, move away from the stamps (the bride on the palm, etc.).
  7. During the feast and all the rest of the fun, stick to the pre-agreed scenario, do not miss any of the guests, you should capture everyone. Ritual dances will require special attention here: the first dance of the newlyweds, the bride with the father, the son-in-law with the mother-in-law and other similar moments.

Of course, this list goes on. But most of the nuances are learned only in the process of work, by trial and error. Let these mistakes be as small as possible, and have as much experience and creativity as possible.

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