My biggest wedding


Самая большая моя свадьба

Do you know my biggest wedding I had to work at? It was 450 persons in 2012.  I was informed about the number of guests on the eve.

Caucasian wedding of the one very rich landowner

There was no such big area to place such quantity of people. That is why the whole airplane shed was rented. The big number of personnel was involved. A famous Armenian singer Hayko came from Armenia to perform at the wedding. There are no words to describe how many foods was at this wedding. The staff kept on bringing more and more carryings with lots and lots of different dishes. Lots and lots of salmon roe and sturgeon roe, meat and fish dishes, different kind of salads. The amount of fine alcohol is difficult to imagine. The cost of the event can be compared to the town budget.

However, this is not the point. The specifics of such weddings is that during the event the guests one by one congratulate the newlywed. They start dancing from the middle of the hall slowly moving to the newlywed and presenting them gold, presents, and money. And this is all evening long.

This type of wedding cannot be compared with Slavic weddings, where a guest says one toast and rests the rest of the evening. Moreover, I need to make the photos of all the guests. All who came, who is coming and who will come. I need to come to every table to photograph all the guests, families and friends. The main idea of the event is that you are taking photos of congratulations and quickly moving to photograph guests. All evening long circle-wise. You are not a photographer, you are a guest. Your table is full of food and alcohol like any other table, and you are treated with huge respect.

I remember I made 7 thousand photos and provided a client with 2000 of photos. I had started working in the morning and finished late in the night. Chilling out. Without sitting for a minute. And I realized that the reasonable number of guests for one photographer is 100-150 guests. In such a case you can film everything and stay alive in the end.

It is crucially important to bring the second photographer if the number of guests is more.

P.S. I had more 10 Caucasian weddings with the average amount of guests around 200 people.

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