Secrets of photo for beginners and professionals


Секреты фотосъемки для начинающих и профессионалов

How often have you met photographers who can be named true professionals? Those who not only create unique pictures and know all the secrets of photography? There are a lot of amateurs and, unfortunately, they’re not always familiar even with the basic technique of shooting. I dedicated this article to both.

Fundamental principals and tricks of photography

First of all, I would like to note that the profession of a photographer is quite complicated. You can’t call yourself a professional just because you have a good camera. The professional photographer  must constantly develop and acquire new knowledge of complex physical and technical processes of creating high-quality shots. It’s quite hard to find some decent literature on the shelves of the stores, so I decided to share some secrets that, I hope, will be useful to you.

The high-quality picture has such differences from low-quality:

  • the fact that the main object is in focus;
  • balanced play of light and shadow;
  • original idea.

A successful photo is the embodiment of the photographer’s imagination and fantasy, and he, through the camera, transmits to the audience a new look at the ordinary world around. In short, the master must thoroughly know the rules of handling equipment, and then even the simplest camera will be able to get the maximum.

There are many secrets of authentical images, and many photographers solve them on their own. For example, how to remove the “blur”? Blur frame occurs only for one reason – the scene itself has time to change at the time of the light on the photosensor. And here comes the same tripod in which you can securely fix the lens. And what if the object moves? Then you need to make sure that the time that the sensor remains open becomes as short as possible (reduce exposure).

If it is impossible to achieve this effect, then professionals try to increase the sensitivity.

There are a lot of photographers among my friends who are often interested in how I managed to take a picture. How did I achieve the color? I want to share one secret, how I managed to create such a beautiful picture.

Secrets of photography

I should note, that the idea of this photo is not mine, but the client. I was asked if I could create something like this and I decided to try. So:

  1. Choose a light source. It can be lights, flashlights and Bengal lights (as I have in my last photo).
  2. Fix the camera on a tripod. This is an OBLIGATORY, because otherwise, such a masterpiece will not work.
  3. The next step is to create manual camera settings:
  • open the shutter and press the diaphragm for a few seconds;
  • ISO 400;
  • shutter speed 4 seconds;
  • aperture 7.1.

Note: the photo with light will be too light, if you do not tighten the aperture of the camera. Guys write words with lights at the moment of opening the shutter. In my case, each drew two letters.

Still, the exchange of experience is an important part of the life of a professional photographer, so I share with you this simple technique. Maybe your clients will want something like that.

This is only one of all my secrets, I will tell you more the next time!

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