What does a classic wedding portrait look like?


Как выглядит классический свадебный портрет?

Many wedding photographers radically go away from tradition and leave their clients without wedding portraits. It could be an absence of desire, lack of experience or skills. Not every master knows the secrets of working with close-ups, some of them don’t understand how to set up and install equipment, which angle will be the most profitable and so on. The process itself is puzzling. That’s why, photographers often take pictures of everything, hoping to get at least something original. The flash is directed to the ceiling, the photos lose quality and creativity. And they are passed to the bride and groom with words: “It’s just some regular pictures”.

And now I ask for a minute of attention from colleagues and customers who read me! I want to introduce you two simple rules for creating beautiful indoor wedding portraits:

  1. Open the window at maximum for access to natural light. We sit the newlyweds on the chairs facing the window (not back!). The distance should be 1-1.5 m. We begin to improvise, the newlyweds should forget about the camera and the photographer, to get each shot natural and original.

So the light from the window will fill the room and draw the bride and the groom. Soft lighting will correctly lie on the face and create the correct shadows. The flash, in this case, is not useful.

  1. Give an art effect to the finished portrait with retouching. For those who are not yet familiar with this photo processing technique, from October to April I have courses on “Technique and rules for shooting”, where I will tell and show you everything in detail. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of not only personnel processing, retouching, color correction, but also learn the basics of proper marketing and advertising in the work of the photographer.

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