What does a wedding mean?


What does a wedding mean?

A wedding is your parents, relatives, close friends together in one place and time.

The aim of a professional photographer is to capture everyone, show the emotions and the atmosphere of the day.

A wedding is not a photo session. A wedding is not a dress.

You can make a wedding photo session any day, just take a dress and go wherever you want for photos.

A wedding is the tears of your mom, dad`s tears of joy when he walks the daughter down to the aisle.

A wedding is our grandmother and grandfather. A wedding is your whole family in one place.

What would you like to see in your wedding album in 25 years? Maybe your friends but what if friendship is over many years ago? Or maybe how you went to the forest for shooting? Or how you walked on the grass in your wedding dress? But for sure the photos of your mom and dad will touch you, especially if they passed away, and the photos of your kissing grandma and grandpa when the entertainer shouted “And now a kiss of grandma and grandpa!” during the contest.

First of all, a wedding is about family. A family is the foremost in European and American weddings, and for famous wedding photographers.

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