What ruins the inspiration and fantasy of the photographer?


What ruins the inspiration and fantasy of the photographer?

If you constantly have photo shots in the same place, then soon it becomes so boring that you don’t want to work there because every centimeter has been studied and now you perfectly know the location even with eyes closed. If to take this side it will be one pose and one shot, and on this side, the other pose, every photo is just a copy, only faces change. As a result, such photos will not be included in the portfolio of a good photographer, because there is no individuality at all. All of them are patterned, boring, dull.

To get high-quality images, we need new places, inspiration, imagination … just fresh and impressive. Then it is easier for the photographer to create great works: new plots, a special vision of pictures, no habitual shots that will not be alike.

Even if at first sight there are no options for a successful shot, there is still hope to find something exclusive.

I believe that innovation may become a real inspiration for people of creative professions, without it a high-quality professional photo session is impossible.

This time, when we shot the Kiev wedding, we moved away from standard locations in the park, on the embankment, in Mezhyhiria and studios. All this stuff are too boring. We paid our attention to the places that are not familiar yet.

And if the newlyweds trust the master, are ready to experiment and take part in the process of co-creation – the result will certainly surpass all expectations.

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