Which car is perfect as a wedding car?


Какое авто отлично подойдёт в качестве свадебного автомобиля?

Certainly, a wedding is an exciting and touching event that you want to organize perfectly to remember forever. Your wedding should be the best so that everyone would envy. Accordingly, the preparation for it must be thorough, it is necessary to think through every last detail. After all, any insignificant detail can spoil the impression of a celebration. Today we will focus more on choosing a car for a wedding procession and a photo shoot.

Car for a wedding photo shoot

The vehicle on which the newlyweds will ride and take pictures occupies one of the important places among other wedding attributes. Think that you will agree, banal limousines, decorated with rings, bouquets or balloons, with a dull look and boring color, such threadbare stuff. An SUV is also not the best option for such a celebration – the bride will feel not very comfortable to climb into the salon, and the decorations on it will look ridiculous.

The lovers of all the outrageous can choose quite unusual transport – for example, horse-drawn carriage. Motorcycles or bicycles have become fashionable – democratically and unusually – but it is not to everyone’s taste.

I am deeply convinced that a wedding photo session in Kiev cannot go without a suitable car. I have been sorting through various options for a long time in order to find the perfect vehicle for such an event. After all, there are a lot of requirements:

  • The car must be “photogenic.” First of all, this is expressed in color, it must contrast, stand out from the crowd.
  • Car model should not be hackneyed, popular or fashionable, it should be exclusive.
  • An indispensable condition – comfort and space – young people cannot huddle in their holiday, let them feel like “kings”.
  • A certain mysteriousness, unreality, cinematography, irreality is welcomed – this will give great mood and atmosphere of a certain mysteriousness to the whole holiday.

And I guess I found an ideal model that fits all the listed parameters. This is the 1978 Cadillac Eldorado.

A luxury cabriolet still remains among the benchmark in luxury and power. Just an incredible combination of huge size (length 5.7 m, width 2.3 m) with the comfort of the cabin and smoothness of the car. For those times (1978), the functionality is amazing: climate control, cruise control, heated seats, and much, much more absolutely fantastic.

Separate praise deserves salon. Stylish leather upholstery in soft seats of noble brown in contrast to the blue body. When you sit in this chair, you feel as if you are immersed in it, drowned in it, you are simply enveloped in its delicate skin.

This luxurious rarity hardly needs additional decorations. All passersby will pay attention to him.

In such a car, the heroes of the day will be able to fully enjoy their holiday, and a photo session with him will be very bright, extraordinary and unforgettable.

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